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Online shopping is such a sprawling market with features for buyers, sellers, individuals, and businesses; it can be difficult task to know where to begin! Where and how do you order a special part, replacement piece, or special gift online? Are you uncertain how to shop or purchase from online stores or websites for that vintage or antique item you desire?  Let Southern Magnolia assist you with your online shopping!  Guidelines: 1.  Come to Southern Magnolia and we will help you search online to find that replacement piece or special item.  2.  When we find your treasure, you pay Southern Magnolia for the item plus a 15% fee. Then, we will handle placing the order!  3.  When your item is delivered to the store, we will notify you for pick-up. All sales are final - no refunds - no exchanges - no returns.

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     Here at Southern Magnolia, we are always looking for new ways to bring our wonderful merchandise to you!  We now have an onlinelistings through  If you can't make it by the brick and mortar store or want to show an out-of-town friend some of our merchandise, please click HERE to visit our listings.