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Got a room or a house full of furniture you just don't know what to do with?  Maybe your grandmother is moving to a smaller place or your parents want to downsize.  Do you want to update your household furniture but haven’t any idea what to do with the antiques, vintage items, or furnishings?

Don't just give it away! 

Selling your furniture, accent pieces, tables or lamps on consignment at Southern Magnolia can be lucrative and can make room in your house for a new sofa or big screen television! 

We accept items of high quality that are clean and in good condition with no smoke odor, no significant damage (scratches, dents, tears, stains or fading), and no animal hair. Quality brand name items are always desirable and resell very well!.  Call us or come in for more information: 918-806-1114

We also consign antiques and collectibles.  Your item (or several items together) need to be valued at $100 or more to be eligible.

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