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Southern Magnolia

Booths Open! 

We have several booths as well as cabinet spaces currently available for rent.  Call or come by the shop!

Premium Services

Southern Magnolia sells on eBay!  Many of our vendors' hard to find antiques deserve a wider customer base.  We will create a listing and ship your item for 35% of it's selling price.  This fee includes the costs from eBay for using their site, fees incurred for accepting online payments with PayPal, and shipping materials.  


Rent a china cabinet to display your goods..

Booth Pricing

Prices subject to change
Luxury Booths- $300 per month: measures approx. 9' x 13'
Standard Booths- $150 per month: measures approx. 5' x 9'
Upstairs Booths- $100 per month: measures approx. 5' x 7'
Other vendor options;
Consignment- pieces valued over $100 only.
On display floor-
$20 holding fee.
30% of final selling value to Southern Magnolia and 70% to consignor. Two month contract.

Glass shelving
- $50 per month to fill one of our open shelving displays.
China Cabinets- $50 per month to fill one of our cabinets with your items

Competitive Pricing

Unlike other antiques stores, Southern Magnolia charges a flat rate for booth and display rental.  We do not charge commissions on your sales or extra fees for accepting customer's credit card payments.  All rentals are a three month lease to start, then month to month with a 30 day departure notice. 

We also use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to attract customers and advertise your wares!

Booth Rentals

We display merchandise in a safe, clean, and organized environment to encourage our shoppers to keep coming back.

Vendor space:

  • Azalea Room, Begonia Room, Carnation Room
  • Daisy Room, Eranthis Room, Forsythia Room
  • Geranium Room, Hyacinth Room, Iris Room
  • Jacaranda Room, Kalmia Room, Lily Room​ Magnolia Showroom:
  • Nandina Room, Orchid Room, Peony Room
  • Queen Lily Room, Sunflower Room:: 
  • Rose Room Meeting Space

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meeting space

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Main showroom