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Southern Magnolia

Antiques And Collectibles

 We started with the idea that with perseverance and patience, our dream of running our own shop could one day become a reality. After years of hoping and planning, our vision has come to life.

Our hobby of shopping for and collecting antiques has evolved into a family owned business in the form of a quaint antique shop on Main Street America.  We are very passionate about antiques and now, combined with the independence of owning and running our own small business, our ideas, efforts, and years of hard work are fulfilling a life-long dream.

Southern Magnolia is a comfortable shop with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike other antique stores, we are dedicated to displaying our merchandise in a practical way. Our vignettes are carefully chosen and arranged to show our customers how these treasures can be beautiful and functional additions to their homes and everyday lives.    

Sharing knowledge about antiques as well as assisting our customers in researching their heirlooms is our pleasure. Greeting our customers, discovering their antique/vintage experiences, hunting for treasures, and, of course, finding that perfect item is exhilarating. You never know where you will uncover that pièce de résistance.' Maybe you will find it at Southern Magnolia.

                                                               -Greg and Marilyn Bridges


antiques and collectibles

Dreams come true...